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We hear on the news daily that many Americans are at a higher weight than what is healthy. The latest national nutrition survey showed that we are overweight but undernourished!

Catholic Medical Partners is committed to improving the health status of Western New York. Our staff of Registered Dietitians have complied and developed materials to help you achieve your health goals.

  • Pediatric Nutrition

    Information for Parents, Kids and Teens

  • Adult Nutrition

    General information, guidelines and resources as well as information for people with diabetes or heart disease.

  • Pregnancy & Maternity

    Preconception, healthy weight gain, food safety, common discomforts, gestational diabetes, vegetarian and vegan nutrition, and breastfeeding nutrition.

  • Meal Planning & Recipes

    Recipes and tips for planning healthy meals, plus healthy ways to enjoy your favorite cultural foods.

For more nutrition information , visit choosemyplate.gov.
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