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Below is a list of educational materials on Diabetes that may be helpful to you.

General Diabetes Information

  • Greater Buffalo Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes Education and Support Services Guide PDF
    A great resource filled with information on support groups available, prescription and equipment management programs, active daily living recommendations, and more.
  • Diabetes Health Recommendations PDF
    This is a nicely formatted poster to help you get control of your diabetes. It has three columns and tells you recommended tests to get, how often to get them, and goals that you want to try to meet.

  • Home Blood Pressure Diary PDF
    This is a place where if you have the capability you can keep track of your blood pressure at home. Blood pressure cuffs can be found at local pharmacies. The document gives you a place to write down questions or comments for your physician.

  • Diabetes (MedlinePlus)
    A great resource from Medline Plus, this document is also available in Spanish on the Cultural Diversity page.

  • Diabetes Overview PDF (source: healthinfotranslations.org)
    A good description of diabetes including risk factors, signs, and caring for the condition. This document is also available in Arabic and Hindu on the Cultural Diversity page.

Blood Sugar

  • Blood Sugar Log PDF
    This is a weekly blood sugar log. On it you can record targets for yourself, and record your blood sugar levels at multiple times in the day.

  • Fasting Blood Sugar Test PDF (source: healthinfotranslations.org)
    This test will show how well your body uses sugar. Also available on the Cultural Diversity page in Hindu.


  • Tips for Healthy Eyes PDF
    Another helpful tool to understand eyecare with diabetes. This document offers illustartions and an information sheet you can have filled out by your eye doctor.


  • Good Foot Care PDF
    A list of tasks you can do daily to make sure that your feet are in good health.

  • Taking Care of Your Feet (MedlinePlus)
    A great resource on how to keep good foot health with diabetes. Also available in Spanish on the Cultural Diversity page.



  • Diabetes and Smoking PDF
    This document explains the risks of smoking with diabetes and how to get help if you do.


  • Food and Exercise Diary PDF
    A great way to help you reach your targeted goals, keep track of what you're eating, how much you are exercising, and if it's helping you.

  • Rate Your Plate PDF
    This is a great tool to help you picture what you're eating regularly, and shows you how much of certain foods you should be eating.

  • Understanding Nutrition Labels PDF
    A detailed description of the Nutrition Label so you know exactly what you're reading when you check it in the store or before eating.

  • Keeping Active (MedlinePlus)
    A great tool for how to keep active when you have diabetes. Gives examples of things to do at home and things to do while out shopping. Also available on the Cultural Diversity Page in Spanish.