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Congestive Heart Failure

Below is a list of educational materials about Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) that may be helpful to you.

CHF General Information

  • CHF: Be Prepared PDF
    Easy to read and quick guide on how to be prepared when you have CHF. Explains things to do when feeling well, not feeling well, and when an emergency is happening.

  • CHF: What You Can Do PDF
    Quick bulleted points on what to do when you have CHF. There are lifestyle changes that you'll have to make, and symptoms you'll have to watch for and there's a list of them right here!

  • Health Recommendations PDF
    When you have congestive heart failure, there are things you will have to monitor like blood pressure. This "poster" will tell you what to monitor, what tests to have done, and what goals you can set for yourself.

Heart Failure

  • Heart Failure PDF
    Heart failure is a scary thought. Here is a great explanation of what it is, an overview of the problem, and outlook on how to control it.

  • Congestive Heart Failure PDF
    A brief description of the disease. Includes causes of the disease and how you can care for it. Also available in Chinese and Russian on the Cultural Diversity page.

  • Heart Failure Zones PDF
    A colorful diagram to help you guage where you're at with regards to heart failure. Are you in the green, yellow, or red zone?

Health Maintenance/Nutrition

  • Blood Pressure Diary PDF
    Check your blood pressure daily and record it here. You can find blood pressure stations at local pharmacies or if its easier, purchase a blood pressure cuff and take it right at home! Write questions or comments for your doctor right on the sheet.

  • Low Sodium PDF
    It is important to monitor your salt intake when you have CHF. Here is an easy to read chart that will help you figure out how much salt you're really eating.