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CPWNY Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Training

Cultural Competency & Health Literacy Training – For the success of DSRIP initiatives the PPS is required to provide cultural competency and health literacy training to the PPS partners and ensure attendance. Partners must partake in training in cultural competency and health literacy. See below for CPWNY offerings:

Cultural Competency Videos

CPWNY welcomes you to watch the SUNY Albany’s, Center for Public Health Continuing Education School of Public Health’s videos on Cultural Competency. The webinars are free and entitle the viewer to FREE 1.0 CME, CNE and CHES. Please access:

http://www.albany.edu/sph/cphce/advancing_cc.shtml#tab3 (select course descriptions)

Another option for cultural competency is to view one or all of the 3 webinars below (there are no continuing education credits for these interactive webinars but they count as training for cultural competency):




Health Literacy

Must view the video on Helth Literacy in addition to a choice of webinars above. This video is used by permission through the American Medical Association. It is with real people, not actors and is excellent.


Attestation Form

If you view any of the following webinars please complete the attestation form and fax to Lauren Moore at 716-886-0704 or email to lmoore1@chsbuffalo.org.

Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Training

In person trainings CPWNY will host 4 large Cultural Competency and Health Literacy training sessions in 2017—stay tuned for more information on dates, times and places.

CPWNY also offers to larger practices (>10 employees) office-site Cultural Competency and Health Literacy trainings. If you would like to have an office training rather than viewing videos please contact Lauren at 716-862-2479 to schedule an educational session at your practice.