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Clinical Integration

Bringing people and information together is the foundation of Catholic Medical Partners.

As an organization, we want to provide you, our member physicians, the information and resources that you need to better care for your patients.

Likewise, you and your team want your patients to be educated, engaged partners in their own care. Only through this collaboration are we able to provide high quality, coordinated care for patients throughout the continuum of care - from doctor's office, to hospital, to home.

No aspect of what we strive to provide is more important than our clinical integration program.

This program engages you in the improvement initiatives across the continuum of care. By focusing on quality improvements and making sure that we provide patients with high-quality care delivered in the most effective manner, we can close the gaps that exist in today's health care delivery system, eliminate unnecessary costs and create a model for the future.

Engagement is an essential building block for Catholic Medical Partners.

Just as we want your patients to be engaged, active partners in their own care, we want you to be engaged in the many activities and initiatives we are working on so that we can continue to change the face of health care in Western New York - together.

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