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What is an ACO?

An accountable care organization (ACO) is basically a group of health care providers who provides care to a group of patients.

Catholic Medical Partners is a group of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers working together with Medicare to give you better service and care. The goal of our ACO is for your doctors to communicate closely with your other health care providers to deliver high-quality care and meet your unique individual needs and preferences.  

We may be rewarded for providing you with high quality, more coordinated care, such as additional reimbursement for reducing costs and meeting specific quality improvement markers. In this way, we accountable to the patients and the third-party payer for the quality, appropriateness, and efficiency of the healthcare provided.

You can still see any doctor or go to any hospital.

Your Medicare benefits are not changing, and you will still receive your benefits through Original Medicare. This isn’t a Medicare Advantage plan or an HMO plan. You still have the right to use any doctor or hospital who accepts Medicare, at any time. [I/we] may continue to recommend that you see particular doctors for your specific health needs, but it’s always your choice about what doctors you use or hospitals you visit.