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As members of Catholic Medical Partners, We promise to set a higher standard of care in Western New York. We promise to give the patients who choose us a resounding voice in their health care. We promise to listen. We promise to educate. We promise to advocate. We promise to focus as much of our energy on prevention as we do on treatment. We promise to utilize leading-edge technologies and best practices. We promise to work together to coordinate your care. And, We promise to care for the patients who choose us-mind, body and spirit. That is our mission. That is our calling. That is our promise to you.

About Us

As physicians, we are accountable for the care provided to our patients. We are also accountable to the other providers that we work with along the continuum of care.

For us, accountability is born of the connections that make our physician network unique and effective. Our approach can improve patients’ lives while also addressing the important issues that can improve the health care delivery system. It’s about working as a team. It’s about working as one. It’s about working as partners.

A new era of accountability is here.

Accountable Care

Accountable Care
Accountability is born of the connections that make our physician network unique and effective.


Catholic Medical Partners is committed to providing the tools to help you be involved in your healthcare. This web site provides valuable health improvement tools that have been reviewed by other patients who told us that the items are helpful, easy to use and to understand. We hope you take the time to read them or share with people who help you.

Eating nutritious foods, exercising, and getting regular medical check-ups are the keys to staying healthy. Prevention and early detection are the best defense against illness and disease